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Gregg LagerquistAnchor

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"Somewhere in Maine today, there's a great story happening...and we need to know it, find it and tell it first!"

That thought sums up Gregg's motivation and his outlook on what it means to be in the news business. "It's about finding the stories that matter to people and telling those stories in a compelling way," says Gregg. "Pretty simple really. But it means so much. I see it as a trust issue. People who have a story to tell have to know they can count on you to get it right. And that goes for the people watching at home, too!"

Gregg has been someone you can count on at News 13 for more than a decade. He grew up in Minnesota and came to News 13 in 1996 from Vermont. He is an award-winning journalist, earning state and national awards, including one of the first ever "Walter Cronkite Awards for Excellence in Political Coverage" presented by Mr. Cronkite, himself. "Highlight of my professional life so far," says Gregg. "Covering George Mitchell in Northern Ireland immediately after the Peace Accords was incredible as well"but a distant second." If you visit Gregg in his office, you can see an autographed copy of the Good Friday Agreement and a picture of a smiling "Walter and Gregg" proudly hanging on the wall. Gregg also works with a number of non-profit groups and charities in Maine"singling out "hear ME now!" as especially close to his heart"a group helping deaf and hard-of-hearing kids in Maine get a great start in life.

When Gregg looks for the best things in his own life, he heads home. His wife, Leslie, co-owns a small business in Maine. "She's amazing! Although, don't tell her I said that. She'll get a big head," jokes Gregg. He and Leslie have three children"two sons, Reece and Max, and a daughter, Tess. ("See... I told you Leslie's amazing!") Gregg enjoys hitting the beach with his family, basketball, bike riding, ultimate frisbee, road trips, and reading biographies. He's a graduate of Carleton College in Minnesota and has a Masters degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Illinois.

If you have a story to tell, Gregg is counting on you to give him a call.