History Made, History Repeated in Class State Championships

The Marshwood Hawks celebrate their third Gold Ball in four years, after beating Skowhegan in the Class B State Championship game.

PORTLAND (WGME) -- Three State Championship football games took place Saturday.

The first matchup was between the Scarborough Red Storm and the Windham Eagles for the Class A Championship.

Scarborough won the game, 57-0.

This was the Red Storm's first Class A State Championship.

The Wells Warriors battled the Foxcroft Academy Ponies in the Class D State Championship.

Wells won 48-0, earning back-to-back State Championships.

Last year, the Warriors won in Class C.

Finally, the Class B State Championship featured a matchup between the Marshwood Hawks and the Skowhegan Indians.

Marshwood won, 63-20.

The Hawks clinched their third Gold Ball in four years.

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