State of Addiction: The benefits of a CARF Accreditation

A three-year accreditation represents the highest level of accreditation that substance use disorder (SUD) organization can receive.

What is CARF?

CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, is an independent nonprofit accreditation body whose goal is to improve and enhance the lives of the people it serves.

A three-year accreditation represents the highest level of accreditation that a substance use disorder (SUD) organization can receive. It indicates a service provider's commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community.

Receiving accreditation from CARF is no easy task. For an organization to succeed in such an endeavor, the company must first survive a rigorous peer-review process that measures their commitment, quality of service, and accountability. Several days are often spent on-site reviewing staff, client outcomes, and treatment approach.

In addition to interviews of staff and persons served, the surveyors observe organizational practices, review appropriate documentation, answer questions, and suggest ways to improve the provider's operations and service delivery.

More than an accreditation

The CARF standards have been developed over 50 plus years by international teams of service providers, policy makers, payers, family members, and consumers. The standards have also been submitted to the public for review to validate relevancy and ensure input from all interested stakeholders.

Accredited facilities can reach out to CARF with any questions or challenges they face. It also allows the company to focus more on their clientele while providing the best, most dignified service possible. Facilities are encouraged to take advantage of CARF's unique training materials, resources, and consultative experiences to ensure optimal results.

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