A healthier way to pay has arrived

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Town & Country Federal Credit Union (TCFCU) is the first credit union in Maine to introduce a contactless visa debit card.

The current pandemic has people taking more precautions in how they go about their daily activities, including shopping. Shoppers have become more cautious with limiting the contact of surfaces. Town & Country Federal Credit Union (TCFCU) is the first credit union in Maine to introduce a contactless visa debit card. They are enthusiastic about the significant health benefits and convenience this new card will offer members.

What is a contactless visa debit card?

"Simply put, it's a healthier way to pay as members can show, pay, and be on their way with this new card. In today's environment, with all that is happening concerning the pandemic, the timing of our new contactless debit cards' availability couldn't be better. This new card gives our members a secure, quick, and easy payment option that is also sanitary. We pride ourselves on providing a member experience that not only meets the needs of our members but exceeds it," explained David Libby, President, and CEO of TCFCU.

Over the past few months, TCFCU has seen a significant increase in the popularity of contactless payments, where credit and debit cards are loaded into a digital wallet that process through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. "This is another option that leverages technology and reduces the health risk for our members," stated Libby.

Here are four reasons to consider using Mobile Wallet.

Mobile wallets offer increased security. They're safer than carrying a credit card or cash because information stored in mobile wallets is encrypted, so the details of your bank cards aren't accessible to others. Mobile wallets don't transmit your actual account numbers when making payments. Instead, they use encrypted payment codes. You can't unlock your phone without your fingerprint or personal identification number, so getting to your data is more challenging.

You can use mobile wallets for online shopping. Retailers are making it easy to access your mobile wallet while on their websites, making online checkout more convenient. It also removes the need to type in so many card numbers, especially on phone screens.

You can store loyalty rewards in a mobile wallet. When you use your mobile wallet to buy breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts, for example, points or discounts are automatically applied at checkout. No need to carry a key chain with lots of store tags attached.

Mobile wallets may soon make store checkout faster. Currently, apps in development will let you speed through a store's checkout lanes or use your mobile wallet to pay before entering the store.

"Our philosophy is to offer the ideal combination of technology, innovation, and service. We have worked hard to create a high-tech culture, with strong personal support and experience for our staff and members, and it has served our members well, especially in light of the current pandemic. The new contactless debit card combines all of the convenience and safety protocols that have become an essential part of everyday life, and we are thrilled to offer it to our members," Libby noted.

Town & Country Federal Credit is Maine's second-largest credit union with 40,000 members. They are a full-time service financial institution that offers a wide range of financial products and services to people who live, work, go to school, or worship in Cumberland and York Counties.

To learn more about Town & Country Federal Credit Union, visit them online at tcfcu.com.