6 ways to winterize your home

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Get your home ready for the winter.

Winter is on the way. As the temperatures drop it's time ask yourself if your home is ready for the frigid conditions. If not, there's still time to ensure you and your family can stay warm this winter.

Here are six ways to winterize your home.

1. Take care of outside

Clean out your gutters and position your downspouts away from your home. Clean and store summer equipment, like lawnmowers, in a dry place. Cut or trim any tree branches that are hanging over your porch or walkway. This will decrease the risk of branches breaking and falling on your house during heavy snowfall or harsh weather.

2. Seal small holes and cracks

Little animals like field mice tend to run inside and under your home when the temperatures drop. Everyone knows how annoying pests can be, so seal up as many holes, cracks, and crawlspace entrances as possible.

3. Fortify your windows and doors

Small holes in your window frames and doorways bring in drafts, making the inside cold and uncomfortable. Make sure to clean your windows and apply weatherstripping. You can also contact a professional for assistance.

4. Protect your pipes by running your water

You've probably heard others say they run their water during the winter to keep their pipes from freezing. It may sound strange, but it's true. Running just a trickle of water from your faucet keeps water moving through your pipes, preventing freezing.

5. Keep your heat on, even when you're not home

It may seem like a waste of money, but the small cost of running your heat when you're not home is better than the cost of repairs or damages caused by freezing conditions. According to Home Advisor, there are systems in your house that need to be kept warm or at room temperature. Leaving your heat on low, at least 55 degrees, will help.

6. Get a heating tune-up

Contact an HVAC professional to make sure your furnace is in good shape. Switch your system over to heat. Clean and change your filters every month or every few months. Experts recommend switching to programmable thermostats, which are more efficient, and they can be automatically set which will save you money.

Don't freeze this winter. Make sure your heating system is functioning correctly. Fielding's Oil & Propane offer cleaning and tune-ups to ensure that your home is nice and cozy.

To learn more about Fielding's Oil & Propane and their services, visit their website at fieldingsoil.com.