Why You Should Choose a Birth Center with a NICU

Birth Center with a NICU

All parents hope for healthy pregnancies and routine deliveries, but sometimes there are complications. Delivering your baby at a hospital where a more intensive level of infant care is available can be very beneficial in the unlikely event your baby needs special medical attention.

A neonatal intermediate care unit (NICU) specializes in caring for premature babies and infants with medical complications. The physicians and nurses working in these units have special training and are skilled at evaluating and treating these little patients..

Central Maine Medical Center supports the central and western Maine region's only NICU, and its staff works closely with families to create infant care plans - including inpatient and post-discharge plans - focused on the well-being of the baby and the family.

If a baby requires extended care and traveling to and from the NICU is difficult for the family, free accommodations may be available at the Arbor House, the medical center's hospitality facility.

If you choose to deliver at a hospital like CMMC, where NICU services are available, you'll have peace of mind knowing that if complications arise, specialized care is immediately available.