Four candidates on the ballot for governor this fall

When Mainers vote for a governor this fall, there will be four candidates on the ballot. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) – When Mainers vote for a governor this fall, there will be four candidates on the ballot.

Democrat Janet Mills says she has a vision of a prosperous and undivided Maine. She's ready to work with both parties to solve problems facing Maine.

"We're not going to draw lines in the sand,” Mills said. “We're not going to polarize people. People want to see a governor who brings people together. That's what I want to do as governor."

Mills say creating jobs and building prosperity of the state will be her top priority.

"They want to have good paying jobs,” Mills said. “They want to have adequate infrastructure, including broadband and cell phone coverage across the State of Maine."

Creating jobs is also a top priority for Republican Shawn Moody.

"You know, a lot of people are in that same boat,” Moody said. “They're trying to get ahead. They're working hard. And they're frustrated."

Moody says his business background makes him uniquely qualified to be Maine's next governor.

"I've got that blue collar, trades, work with my hands,” Moody said. “As well as having that executive experience. So I got the white collar and I got the blue collar both. And that's what Maine needs right now."

In addition to Shawn Moody and Janet Mills, two independent candidates will also be on the ballot in the race for governor. One of them is the state treasurer.

Terry Hayes says she thinks Mainers are eager for an independent governor.

"I think it gives me an advantage because I think it's what Mainers want," Hayes said. "And I'm always going to put the people and the public interest ahead of partisanship."

Independent candidate Alan Caron says he represents the quiet, frustrated Mainers who are tired of the feuding at the State House that gets in the way of good policies and economic growth.

"I think we've been hearing the same thing from both parties for decades,” Caron said. “And I just don't think either party has the solutions that we need. I don't think either of them can bring people together. They all say they will. And then once they get in power, it's all my way or the highway."

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