Sanders Delegate: We're not falling in line with Hillary

Protesters gathered outside of City Hall in Philadelphia (Amanda Ota, Sinclair Broadcast Group)

On the first day of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, some supporters of Bernie Sanders are continuing to fight for their candidate, making a final plea for Democratic Party delegates to cast their votes for Senator Sanders.

“We’re telling super delegates we want to have our voices heard and we want to tell everybody in the United States and around the world, we’re not falling in line with Hillary,” Alexis Edelstein, a Sanders delegate from California, said.

Edelstein explained there are many reasons for their refusal to fall in line, explaining that not wanting Donald Trump in The White House is the most important.

Asked how he would respond to those who encourage delegates to fall in line for the sake for party unity, Edelstein countered "if it's about party unity they should fall in line with Bernie Sanders."

"I was voted here to nominate Sanders," Edelstein said.

Edelstein called Clinton a “failed candidate,” arguing she “cannot win."

“She’s not good for the county, she’s not good for the environment, she’s not good for the world, we want our voices to be heard."

“We are being muted left and right,” Edelstein said, mentioning the recent leak of email from within the DNC, Edelstein added “the DNC is shutting us out left and right.”

“We want to make sure everyone knows what we’re standing for and what we want,” Edelstein explained.

“And what we want is not to have Trump in the White House and to do that we have to avoid nominating Hillary Clinton, we have to nominate Bernie Sanders.”

Edelstein was among the many delegates gathered outside city hall for the release of their final plea Monday.

"We independently of the directive of the Sanders campaign and with our guaranteed general election allegiance to Senator Sanders as the Democratic presidential nominee only, hereby make this final public plea," the statement reads, encouraging Democratic Party delegates to cast their vote for Sanders.

In the statement signed by hundreds of Sanders delegates, they describe their candidate as "the safest bet for defeating Trump."

At the time the pledge was distributed, the signatures of over 400 delegates from 48 states had been collected.

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