Poll: Trump leads Clinton after Republican National Convention

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, speaks during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Thursday, July 21, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in a new poll conducted in the days after the Republican National Convention.

The CNN/ORC poll released Monday shows Trump ahead, 48 percent to 45 percent in a head-to-head matchup and 44 percent to 39 percent in a four-way race including Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

This is Trump’s strongest performance in a CNN poll since September and the first major poll to show him beating Clinton since May. His bounce comes largely from independents, with 43 percent saying the convention made them more likely to vote for him.

The poll also shows a rise in voters’ opinions of Trump. Forty-six percent now view him favorably, compared to 39 percent before the convention, and the percentage that considers him honest and trustworthy jumped 5 points to 43 percent. He has also gotten a boost on opinions of his divisiveness, with 42 percent of respondents saying he is more likely to unite the country than divide it, up from 34 percent.

Clinton’s numbers have dropped in key areas, with 68 percent now saying she is not honest. Meanwhile, Trump’s lead on ability to deal with the economy and terrorism is growing.

Despite the bounce, voters’ opinions of the convention itself were mixed. Nearly 60 percent said Republicans spent too much time attacking Democrats and 18 percent rated Trump’s speech “terrible.” Also, 48 percent said his speech did not represent the way they feel about the country and 44 percent said the convention made them less likely to vote for him.

Trump’s wife, Melania, and vice presidential nominee Mike Pence saw double-digit increases in their favorability, while Republican voters’ opinions of Sen. Ted Cruz plummeted to 33 percent after he refused to endorse Trump at the convention.

Another poll released Monday by CBS News has Trump and Clinton tied at 42 percent after the convention and Clinton's selection of Tim Kaine as her running mate. Both candidates got a 2 point boost over the network’s previous survey.

In the CBS poll, 50 percent of respondents said the convention improved their opinion of Trump, and 36 percent said it made them think worse of him. Opinions on Trump’s honesty, preparedness for the presidency, and temperament rose, but they are still well under 50 percent.

Although half of respondents felt Clinton has the right temperament and experience to be president, only 29 percent said she is trustworthy.

With the Democratic National Convention kicking off Monday, Clinton’s campaign will be attempting to generate its own bounce out of this week's events.

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