Moore attorney demands release of yearbook for handwriting analysis

Attorney Phillip L. Jauregui speaking on recent allegations against Roy Moore (

Roy Moore's campaign held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to address recent allegations against the GOP Senate candidate.

At the conference, Roy Moore's attorney Phillip L. Jauregui, Moore's former campaign chairman, demanded Beverly Young Nelson's yearbook that Roy Moore allegedly signed be released for a 3rd-party handwriting analysis.

Jaregui invited Nelson's camp to send a handwriting expert to ensure a neutral examination.

Jaregui says Nelson's claims that she never had contact with Moore after the alleged assault are false. According to Jaregui, Judge Moore presided over Nelson's 1999 divorce case.

Watch the press conference in its entirety below:

Moore's campaign followed up the news conference with a public statement: "Twelve Women Come Forward to Affirm Roy Moore's character."

The emailed news release contains short written excerpts allegedly provided by the women who make only positive claims regarding interactions with Moore.

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