AG: Convo with Bill Clinton 'casts a shadow' on Hillary's email probe

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch takes questions from the media, after attending a Los Angeles Police Department technology briefing as part of her national community policing tour in Los Angeles Wednesday, June 29, 2016. Lynch was in Los Angeles for the last stop in a six-city community policing tour highlighting departments she sees as role models for law enforcement. Lynch says one of the issues law enforcement is struggling with is transparency, saying it's important departments are as open as possible without compromising investigations. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Speaking from a summit in Aspen, Colorado, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she would be briefed, but her role would not include any involvement on the conclusions of the investigators looking into Clinton's email probe.

When asked what she was thinking in that moment when Bill Clinton walked onto her plane, she said she understands being questioned about the interaction, "I think that's the question of the day, isn't it?"

"It was really a social meeting," Lynch said.

"I probably wouldn't do it again."

Lynch explained she understands the perception and why people questioned the interaction as an ongoing investigation continues into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

"The matter is being handled by career agents and investigators... It predates my tenure as attorney general."

She described the career agents as independent.

"I fully expect to accept their recommendations."

The AG stated, "no matter how I viewed it, I understand how people view it."

She didn't know the timing of the investigation or when it would be concluded.

According to The Associated Press, Lynch described the meeting "as an impromptu social call."

She told reporters the two did not discuss the email investigation.

According to the Associated Press, the AG is expected to announce that she will accept career prosecutors' decision on whether or not to press charges against Hillary Clinton in connection with an FBI investigation of her use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state.

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