16-year-old charged with murder and feticide in killing of pregnant girl

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    MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WSBT) - The St. Joseph County Prosecutor's office released probable cause documents in the death of 17-year-old Breana Rouhselang, who was found dead in Mishawaka, Indiana Sunday morning.

    16-year-old Aaron Trejo has been charged with one count of murder and one count of feticide. Police confirm Rouhselang was pregnant, and documents say he was the father of her child.

    Probable cause documents say Trejo said he had been planning to kill Rouhselang and the baby for a week before he did.

    Trejo is a football player at Mishawaka High School. Rouhselang was a junior and former cheerleader at Mishawaka High School. The two knew each other since grade school.

    When police were called out around 4:30 Sunday morning, Breana’s mother said she had gone behind the house to talk with a juvenile male who was the father of her baby, according the court documents.

    Breana’s mother couldn’t find her so she called police. Officers found some of Breana’s clothing with blood on it in an alley, and after searching the area more, they found her concealed in a dumpster.

    Trejo originally told police he reached out to her to see how her pregnancy was going. He also told her police that neither he nor Breana wanted the baby.

    Trejo later told police, when confronted with the evidence, that he stabbed her in the heart because she waited too long to tell him about the pregnancy and then put a black plastic bag over her.

    He said Breana waited too long and an abortion wasn't an option at that point, documents say. When asked what he did about that, he replied,

    "I took action...I took her life."

    The autopsy confirmed she died from multiple stab wounds to the heart with a knife Trejo brought from his home. They also say her scarf was tied so tightly that strangulation was happening before she died.

    Investigators concluded it was homicide.

    You can read probable cause documents below:

    WSBT will continue to bring you updates as soon as they come in.

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