Yarmouth fourth graders release baby salmon into Royal River

Yarmouth fourth graders release baby salmon into Royal River

YARMOUTH (WGME) -- Fourth graders get a hands-on nature lesson Thursday morning

Yarmouth Elementary School students released 200 baby salmon into the Royal River in New Gloucester.

Fourth graders have been learning about endangered Atlantic salmon since February when eggs were dropped off to develop in the classroom.

Organizers say they hope to teach kids about the importance of protecting the environment.

It's a lesson students say they won't forget.

"We've seen how the salmon do go into different stages and now we're releasing them so it's really different," Abbie Bouse, Yarmouth 4th grader, said.

Elijah Olson, Yarmouth 4th grader, added: "I kind of like that we're kind of outside and not in the classroom, because the classroom isn't very, like, fun. But here there's the sky, the trees, the river."

The project was made possible by a non-profit education group known as STEM, the Saco River Salmon Club, and grant money from the Yarmouth Education Foundation.

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