Western Maine hits snow jackpot


FRYEBURG (WGME) -- It's staying mostly snow the further inland you go Tuesday afternoon.

Some parts of western Maine and New Hampshire could get a foot of snow.

CBS 13's Dan Lampariello took weather authority one on the road to Fryeburg.

We've been tracking this storm all day with Weather Authority One, driving Route 302 between Fryeburg and Conway, New Hampshire.

We have our live radar and weather instruments inside, right now showing a chilly 20 degrees

The snow hasn't stopped since early this morning and there's about seven inches already on the ground

Road conditions have not been the best in this area.

We've seen plenty of plow crews working to get things cleared but because of how steady the snow has been but it's been hard to keep up.

While moving around has been a bit difficult, for many this snow has been a welcome sight.

The ski resorts in this area are getting a lot of fresh powder, and plow drivers are calling this liquid gold

Luckily there have been no accidents to report up here so far today, but as it gets even colder tonight and things start to freeze up, these roads could get even more dangerous.

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