VIDEO: Brawl breaks out at Auburn nightclub on 'chem-free' night

Video shows a group throwing punches in the parking lot. (Ella Riah Fields)

AUBURN (WGME) – A brawl broke out at an Auburn nightclub Tuesday night.

Video shows a group throwing punches in the parking lot.

Police say teenagers are responsible, and the owners say they won't host an event like this again.

Witnesses say the fight happened in the parking lot after the Sapphire Club closed for the night. Dozens of teenagers allegedly ganged up on security, and it was all caught on camera.

The Sapphire nightclub was hosting one of their "chem-free," or teenager nights, for kids ages 12-18 on Tuesday.

Owner Jeremy Fitts says it all started after his wife took away a knife from one of the kids.

"When that happened, you can see in the video all the other guys come, come swarming around and that's when things just started getting intense," Fitts said.

Fitts says he had three security guards on that night. One of them ended up being thrown to the ground during the fight.

"He ended up with a broken nose and a fractured elbow, and my wife actually got bit on her left arm and has a pretty swollen black eye," Fitts said.

Police say they arrested three juveniles after the fight broke up, and charged them with disorderly conduct.

The owners of the club say they won't be hosting these events any more.

"You really shouldn’t have to hire a police officer to stand at your door for a teen night for it to be a safe night so we'll just cancel them for now,” Fitts said. “Maybe down the road in a year or so we might look into them again."

The owners of Sapphire are expected to meet with police as they continue to investigate.

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