Vandals cause thousands in damage to Lewiston Armory

A city worker cleans the court at the Lewiston Armory after vandalism Tuesday night. (WGME)

LEWISTON (WGME) -- Walls and equipment were left covered in graffiti Wednesday morning at the Lewiston Armory and Recreation Center after vandals broke in the night before.

"It's not fun to get a call and say we've been broken in to," Jason Hanken with the Lewiston Recreation Department said. "But we've got great support."

Police said the vandals were able to run loose inside. The Rec. Department ended up having to cancel sports and classes so things could be picked up.

"The classes moved to a different location and we had to cancel pickle ball," Hanken said. "But basketball is going to be going on this evening and we should be fine to go."

Officials said the vandals broke in through a bathroom window. They then smashed a vending machine, spray painted profanities on walls and equipment and sprayed fire extinguishers the gym floor.

"I'm sure that once they tally everything up it's going to be in excess of $2,000," Sgt. Jim Theiss with the Lewiston Police Department said.

Police said their suspects are all juveniles and have already arrested one. They said they were able to identify them through surveillance footage.

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