United Way launches Thrive 2027

    The United Way announced a community wide initiative called, Thrive 2027, on Tuesday.

    PORTLAND (WGME) --People across Greater Portland communities are hoping to improve education, financial stability and health over the next ten years.

    The three goals were announced Tuesday, as part of a community wide initiative called Thrive 2027, launched by the United Way.

    This comes after a year of collecting input from two thousand local people.

    Officials say, while Portland is a great place to live and work, not everyone is doing well.

    "There are challenges in our community and when we see that we aren't building ourselves for the future as strongly as we can be, we think it's our job as a community to come together and set the foundation to make that happen," says Liz Cotter Schlax, president, United Way of Greater Portland

    More than two dozen organizations have signed on to support the effort.

    Leaders are coming up with strategic ways to accomplish these goals but they say everyone can play a part.

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