Trump addresses job crisis during Bangor rally

WGME sat down exclusively, one-on-one with Donald Trump before a rally in Bangor, Maine on Wednesday, June 29, 2016. (WGME)

BANGOR, Maine (WGME) - Donald Trump addressed Maine's job crisis while making a campaign stop in Bangor Wednesday afternoon.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee came out to a roaring crowd of Mainers in the Cross Insurance Center.

Trump spoke for about an hour about the job crisis in the state and his plans for national security.

He even joked about moving to Maine if he doesn't win the election.

The 8,000-seat Cross Insurance Center was almost at capacity Wednesday afternoon, with hundreds cheering on Trump on the floor.

This was Trump's first political appearance in Maine since visiting Portland in March.

According to our partners at the Bangor Daily News, Maine could be a key battleground state for Trump come November, because we have the potential of splitting our electoral votes.

CBS 13 sat down exclusively, one-on-one with Trump before the rally Wednesday.

He touched on his thoughts about bringing jobs back from overseas to not only Maine but the entire country.

"I'm the one that wants to have jobs in this country," Trump said. "I'm the one that talks about trade deals that are so horrible where there's taking jobs, I can't imagine anybody saying anything like that. I'm the one that talks about, I mean, it's all over television every day for months and if you go back for years, I'm the one who wants to keep jobs here. I mean, we're stripping, many other places our jobs are stripped just like we're babies, like candy from a baby, and I want to keep jobs in Maine and keep jobs in the states and that's what's going to happen."

Wednesday's rally did have a few hiccups, with protesters interrupting Trump a number of times; about a handful got thrown out.

Trump did say Maine has some of the nicest protesters he's ever seen.

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