Topsham toddler recovering after being bitten in face by dog

A Topsham toddler is now recovering after being bitten in the face by a dog. (WGME)

TOPSHAM (WGME) – A Topsham toddler is now recovering after being bitten in the face by a dog.

Police say the boxer is quarantined and right now they're treating it as an "accident."

Topsham police say the toddler had been around this dog before, and something out-of-the-blue caused that dog to attack her Tuesday night.

Investigators say the attack happened at a home on Raymond Road.

The babysitter told police that the toddler touched the back of the 8-year-old boxer, and then it turned around and bit her in the face.

She's now recovering with serious injuries.

Police say they've had no other history of this dog attacking people.

The owner told police that it's not aggressive, but some neighbors disagree.

"I had an incident where the dog attempted to bite me, charged at me going out to get the mail," neighbor Mike Arseneult said.

Arseneult says he's had a few run ins with the boxer, when it's come onto his property.

It's now quarantined, but no decision has been made as to what may happen to it next, and no charges are expected.

"I'd rather have the dog bite me than a kid, that's awful you know?” Arseneult said. “I was always worried about my grandkids. I was always shooing the dog off. It's too late now, something like that happens."

Topsham police say the young girl is still recovering from her injuries at a Boston hospital, and say this entire incident is still under investigation.

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