Shawn Moody unveils new advertisement on NASCAR vehicle

Republican candidate Shawn Moody landed an advertising spot on Matt DiBenedetto's race car. (WGME)

ARUNDEL (WGME) -- A Maine gubernatorial candidate will be making the rounds at an upcoming NASCAR event.

Republican candidate Shawn Moody landed an advertising spot on Matt DiBenedetto's race car.

DiBenedetto will be racing in Sunday's New Hampshire 301 in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

"Mixing politics and NASCAR at the premier level is something pretty neat and a little different," DiBenedetto said.

The car's owner proposed advertising Moody’s campaign on the number 32 car.

Speaking at a car show in Arundel Wednesday night, Moody said it's a unique and effective way to reach the thousands of Mainers expected at the race in Loudon, New Hampshire this weekend.

"There will be probably 40,000 fans and 20,000 will be from Maine,” Moody said. “Maine voters, Maine motor sports enthusiasts, and that's a big coalition out there in Maine that not many people pay attention to, and I will as governor."

CBS 13 reached out to the other candidates in the race. Independents Terry Hayes and Alan Caron had no comment.

Democratic candidate Janet Mills criticized Moody for attending the NASCAR event instead of an opioid forum with the other candidates Wednesday night.

A spokesperson for Mills released a statement.

"Janet likes a NASCAR race as much as the next person, but what she's focused on right now is the race to save lives from the grip of the opioid epidemic. That's why she's in Bangor tonight with health officials and members of the public to discuss how we can work together to put an end to this deadly crisis."

Moody's campaign manager attended the event in his place.

His campaign strategist issued a statement in response to Mills.

“Just last week Shawn Moody traveled to four separate Opioid addiction treatment centers.”

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