Serving up some off-the-beaten-path seafood


BRUNSWICK (WGME) - The Brunswick Inn is finding a way to cook green crabs.

The invasive species is thriving in the Gulf of Maine, wreaking havoc on Maine's second-most lucrative seafood: soft shell clams.

Green crabs can eat up to 40 half-inch clams a day, according to the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

The Brunswick Inn has worked to integrate green crabs into its menu.

Executive chef Ali Waks-Adams says cooking the crustaceans gives them a good challenge to take on.

“One of the things you're always looking for as a chef is to develop flavors. Create new flavors, and produce a flavor that no one’s ever had before,” she said.

“And when I tasted that, this is something we can do. This is an interesting flavor and we can do something with it.”

A green crab summit is set for early June at O'Maine Studios in Portland, where fishermen, scientists, chefs, and consumers will think of ways to fish and market the invasive species.

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