Sen. Bernie Sanders and DNC Chairman Tom Perez hold rally in Portland

Senator Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez, the new DNC chairman, were in Portland kicking off a nationwide tour. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) – Two political heavy weights were in Maine Monday night fighting for the Democratic Party.

Senator Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez, the new DNC chairman, were in Portland kicking off a nationwide tour.

This is all part of a national tour to create a stronger Democratic Party.

The DNC is calling it the “Come Together and Fight Back” tour and its first stop was right in Portland.

"Are you ready for a political revolution? Well you've come to the right place," Sanders said.

Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders lead a pack of democrats Monday as they rallied Mainers behind their message.

Working to create an energy, encouraging the crowd to get involved.

"We need to continue to cause good trouble my friends, because good trouble is what made America great," Perez said.

Sanders, joined by new DNC Chairman Tom Perez, encouraged Mainers to fight back, commenting on President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office.

Speakers endorsed things like raising the minimum wage to $15, equal pay for women, rebuilding infrastructure and the issue of healthcare. Senator Sanders announced Monday night that soon he will introduce new Medicaid legislature.

He also sent a message to republicans around the country, including President Trump.

"Our vision for the future of this country is a very different vision than yours and our vision is, and I want everybody in this room tonight to know this, our vision, is the vision of the American people," Sanders said.

The Maine GOP chair released a statement earlier Monday in response to this event.

"After their party suffered historic losses in Maine’s 2nd District and across the country, Sanders and Perez should focus on offering real solutions to work with republicans instead of doubling down on obstructionist tactics and far-left rhetoric. Today's stop in Portland is nothing more than a dog and pony show that fails to address the deep divisions in the democrat party."

The tour covers eight states in six days. Their next stop is Kentucky.

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