Saco man says he will take legal action after being banned from Shaw's

As a rapper and producer, Rory Ferreira says he wants to make music, not news. (WGME)

SACO (WGME) – A Saco man says he's taking legal action, after he was denied service and banned from his hometown Shaw’s.

The grocery store chain is now apologizing for the incident earlier this week, which happened after he asked a manager to explain the store's alcohol policy.

As a rapper and producer, Rory Ferreira says he wants to make music, not news, but this week he's making headlines for what happened during a routine trip to the grocery store to buy some dinner ingredients and a bottle of wine.

“I'm with my wife and my son, we go to checkout, cashier asks, ‘Can I see your ID?’ of course, bing, I'm 26, I know how this works,” Ferreira said.

But he says he was confused when the cashier asked to see his wife's ID, too.

“I've just never heard of that before,” Ferreira said.

He says as a young, black man he just wanted to make sure he was being treated fairly.

“A manager comes out and says, ‘What's your problem?’” Ferreira said. “We have no problem; trying to be compliant, it's just I've never experienced this before want to make sure it's real and being done uniformly.”

At this point, he says his wife got her ID, but the manager told the cashier to cancel the sale.

“The groceries are in the bag at this point, she grabs it, rips it open,” Ferreira said.

Ferreira and his family left the store, but a few minutes later a police officer showed up at their house with a no-trespass order.

“I think there's some implicit racial bias, she told the police she feared for her safety and the safety of her store, which is pretty insulting, I'm with my family; I'm holding my 19-month-old son,” Ferreira said.

Saco police say private businesses have the right to ask for a no-trespass order, and the officer followed the standard procedure for issuing one.

Shaw’s has since asked police to rescind that order, and released a statement.

"Our store employee and the entire Shaw's family apologize to Mr. Ferreira and his family...Our employee misinterpreted some statements, and for that we are truly sorry."

“I need closure on this; I need to feel like I'm a member of my community again, and that is not going to happen with an apology,” Ferreira said.

In a statement, Shaw's went on to say the company will provide additional anti-bias training to employees, and the company's goal is to serve customers with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

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