Richmond man sentenced to 8 years after father dies from assault

    55-year-old Kurt Linton of Richmond entered a plea agreement to only serve one year in jail, and three years of probation.<p>{/p}

    WEST BATH (WGME) -- In West Bath, a man who police say accidentally killed his father after punching him is now heading to jail.

    55-year-old Kurt Linton of Richmond entered a plea agreement to only serve one year in jail, and three years of probation. State officials say if he violates his probation, the additional seven years of his eight year sentence will be tacked on.

    “It wasn’t exactly what we wanted when we started, but there were issues that needed to be addressed, and we feel that they were addressed appropriately," said Bud Ellis, Maine assistant attorney general.

    Richmond police say that Linton admitted to punching his 76-year-old father Malcolm Linton last February. Richmond police say they charged Linton with aggravated assault. They say while Malcolm was in the hospital he died from the trauma. After a state medical examination, police charged Linton with manslaughter. The plea deal that Linton agreed to on Wednesday dropped the manslaughter charge.

    “Manslaughter is a significant charge with a potential of 30 years in prison. We all know that was a very unjust resolution,” said David Paris, one of Linton's defense attorneys.

    At the sentencing, Linton's sister Kari Barrett spoke on behalf of the family. She says the family is still heartbroken.

    “I pray that he takes responsibility for his actions, and this plea is a good start. I pray that he asks the Lord and his family for forgiveness for his actions,” said Barrett.

    Both sides say they are happy this case is over.

    “Kurt has taken responsibility in order to be there for his family and to move forward. But he certainly misses his father and wishes that none of this had ever happened," said Andrew Wright, one of Linton's defense attorneys.

    “A son is charged and legally accountable for doing terrible physical harm to his father, and his father goes to the hospital and ends up dying. What do you take away from that? I don’t know. It’s terrible. Hopefully they can move on with their lives," said Ellis.

    Linton's first year in jail will have some time taken off for the amount of jail time he served while awaiting his sentencing.

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