Retired police detective questioned by Anthony Sanborn's defense team for second day

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PORTLAND (WGME) -- Continuing coverage in court as a convicted murderer fights to clear his name. Anthony Sanborn says he was wrongly convicted and wants a judge to overturn the jury's decision.

Day three of this hearing kept the lead detective in the case on the witness stand.

Retired Portland Police detective Jim Daniels has now been questioned by Sanborn's defense team for two full days now.

On Thursday he was asked about his interactions with witnesses, including the witness who recanted her testimony in April and questions about notes and files related to the Sanborn case he kept at home after he retired.

Defense attorney Amy Fairfield claims that the boxes contain material never turned over to the defense team for the original trial in 1992.

Sanborn has been out of prison on bail for six months after the only eyewitness – Hope Cady – recanted, saying she did not see Sanborn kill Jessica Briggs, contrary to what she said in 1992.

Fairfield claims prosecutors knew Hope Cady had vision problems, so even if she was in the area the night of the murder, she couldn't have seen it.

“What did you say about your knowledge of Ms. Cady's vision problems?” Fairfield questioned Daniels.

“I may not have the exact words I wrote in the affidavit,” Daniels responded. “I vaguely recall something about her vision. I said that whatever I may have known, I would have told the attorney general.”

Fairfield also worked to establish that Daniels ignored other suspects and focused only on Anthony Sanborn.

Both detectives and the prosecutor on the original case deny all of attorney Fairfield's allegations of misconduct.

This hearing is likely to last more than two weeks. In the end, a judge could send Sanborn back to prison for the rest of his 70-year sentence or throw out the jury's guilty verdict.

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