Rescued Great Dane gives birth to puppies

Saturday morning, Ellie went into labor and gave birth to 3 puppies. (Conway Area Humane Society)

WOLFESBORO (WGME) -- The Humane Society announced Saturday that one of the 84 Great Danes rescued from an alleged puppy mill gave birth to puppies.

Ellie is one of nine initial Great Danes rescued during the investigation that lead to the seizure of another 75 dogs from the alleged puppy mill in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Prior to her rescue, 5-year-old Ellie had had several litters of puppies.

Workers say they had no idea she was pregnant when they rescued her, but Saturday morning, Ellie went into labor.

Elli gave birth to 3 puppies, raising the number of rescued dogs from 84 to 87.

The Conway Area Humane Society announced the birth on their Facebook page Saturday. They expressed thanks for all the supplies and support from the community.

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