Red Cross prepares to send help to areas affected by Hurricane Michael

    The Red Cross of Southern Maine is now sending people south to respond.

    PORTLAND (WGME) -- Some travelers from Florida and Georgia are in Maine, and they tell CBS 13 they're thankful to be here as Hurricane Michael hits.

    CBS 13 spoke with cruise ship travelers along Commercial Street Wednesday, who say they are glad to be here in Maine, far away from potential destruction.

    "I always go away with the hurricanes," Florida resident Ginny Hughes said.

    Vacationers from the south say everyone back home is bracing for a massive hurricane.

    "Everyone is getting prepared,” Georgia resident Vickie Davis said. “It's supposed to be a lot more rain in our area."

    Vickie Davis and Ginny Hughes say their homes are not in the direct path of the hurricane, so many chose to stay and ride out the storm.

    "If you want to stay down there for a couple of weeks without electricity have at it," Hughes said.

    “The inland gets all the rain, and then it swells, the rivers and then there's flooding,” Davis said. “That's the part you don't think about."

    Some Mainers are worried for their family and friends in Florida, bracing through the storm Wednesday night.

    The Red Cross of Southern Maine is now sending people south to respond.

    "With Hurricane Michael, we are deploying people to the Tallahassee region,” Ally McDougal said. “We have one person stationed in Orlando right now from Maine."

    They say staff has been stretched thin as they are still responding to the Carolinas following Hurricane Florence, but they are determined to do their part to help.

    "Making sure everyone is safe and has food, shelter, and comfort as we face Hurricane Michael," McDougal said.

    The Red Cross of Southern Maine says it may send up to 20 people to respond to deal with the after effects of the hurricane.

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