Recovering heroin addict biking 3,000 miles to spread awareness

    James Matthew's "ride for recovery"

    PORTLAND (WGME) -- A recovering heroin addict is biking 3,000 miles to spread awareness of the alarming number of overdose deaths.

    James Matthews said that he is now drug free after struggling for 20 years with alcohol and drug addiction.

    He wants to spread that message of hope to other addicts.

    He says while everyone is talking about the heroin epidemic in America, no one is talking about solutions.

    “Last year we lost 54,000 people to substance abuse, and right now the numbers are actually up. I decided to ride my bicycle from Ohio to Maine."

    He continued on to say, "it seems like every single person that I've come across has been affected by this epidemic, every single person, you know."

    Matthews said alcoholics anonymous is what worked for him and thousands of others.

    He said on this ride, he's already gotten three people into a drug rehab program.

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