Rat complaints growing in Belfast

Warmer weather and more food are leading Belfast residents to call in more rat sightings to city officials.

BELFAST (WGME) -- Warmer weather and an abundance of food is leading to more and more rat sightings in the Midcoast community of Belfast.

City officials have been receiving an increasing number of calls about rat sightings from different areas of Belfast.

Some residents say they are seeing Norway rats, which can grow up to a foot and half long and weight up to one pound.

As the calls increase, exterminators are busy, and they say more acorns, milder winters and this year's warm fall have produced perfect conditions for a rat population explosion.

"They populate pretty fast. The gestation period is only 21 days, and in 3 months they can reproduce again and they can have as many as a dozen each litter," said Bruce Richards of Central Exterminating Services.

Rat sightings are not just going up in Belfast. Communities across Maine and the nation are experiencing similar issues.

The same conditions prompting more rats being born also led to a noticeable increase in squirrels across Maine.

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