Protect Your Pets: Mushroom boom may be hazardous to pets' health

    With a bumper crop of mushrooms in Maine, pet owners are being warned about the consequences of consuming mushrooms.<p>{/p}

    PORTLAND (WGME) -- The warm, wet fall weather has led to a bumper crop of mushrooms around Maine, and the fungi can be tempting and hazardous to your pets.

    "I don't know if it's increased moisture, but yes, they're out, and we do see some of our pets have issues with ingesting the mushrooms," Dr. Mauria O'Brien, Emergency Veterinarian said.

    While most mushrooms are not deadly, they can still make your pet sick.

    "I would say the most common side effects we see are vomiting, diarrhea, sometimes there can be drooling. Or we can see neurological signs, so tremors, sort of ataxic, or what I call 'drunk walking,' Dr. O'Brien said.

    A third scenario can be much more dangerous.

    "There's another kind of mushroom, called 'aminita' or 'death cap, ' and those can be very toxic, that can lead to liver failure," Dr. O'Brien said.

    That type of mushroom poisoning is extremely rare.

    It's best to try to keep your dogs away from mushrooms in your yard and if you suspect ingestion or notice any symptoms, see a veterinarian.

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