Program teaches wounded veterans how to sail

Warrior Sailing teaches wounded veterans to sail. (Warrior Sailing)

PORTLAND (WGME) -- As the Atlantic Cup boats get ready for a high-speed race through Casco Bay this weekend, one of them sails under a special flag.

"It snaps me back into reality and say 'geez, ya know, I'm racing a sailboat, it's really not so tough" and I have to thank all of them for what I get to do," said Rob Windsor, skipper of Amhas.

Windsor is sailing with a "Warrior Sailing" flag. It's a program that teaches wounded veterans to sail.

“It is the highlight of my year, every time I get to go to one of these things,” Windsor said.

Windsor has coached 20 Warrior Sailing camps over the last four years His friend and fellow sailor Ben Poucher got him involved.

“My intention is over the next couple years is to have warriors go out and race against Rob,” Poucher said.

Windsor says he's confident some of their veterans can get good enough to one day compete in the Atlantic Cup. This year, several veterans are helping with shore side assistance, and competed in the pro-am race through New York Harbor.

Right now, organizers are trying to bring a Warrior Sailing camp to Portland.

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