Pro-Life rally marches to Maine State House


    AUGUSTA (WGME)—Locals and politicians gathered in Augusta on Saturday for a “Rally for Life.”

    The group marched to the state house denouncing the Roe v. Wade decision that happened over forty years ago.

    The rally organizer says the pro-life movement is growing across Maine.

    "It's providing unity or solidarity for those children who have never had a voice or chance to run or play or sing or feel the sun on their face,” says Teresa McCann Tumidajski, “We are here for them."

    The Maine Right to Life Committee invited politicians, worship leaders, and locals to discuss the issues they see with abortion.

    "We're winning hearts to the case of life because when people see a sonogram they see a baby,” says Republican House Representative Stacey Guerin.

    The group placed roses in front of the statehouse showing the years that have passed since Roe. V Wade.

    Supporters say rain or shine, hot or cold, they will continue to rally for pro-life.

    "This issue is not going to go away and that's why we stand out here today because it must be ended,” says Christopher Coughlan.

    In a statement to CBS13, a spokeswoman for the Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund responded to the event saying:

    “We saw a clear mandate from voters in the 2018 midterm elections — they want more access to health care, and policies that protect their rights and freedoms. Voters did their jobs at the polls and now we’re working to put their will into action. On January 22nd, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund will announce our policy priorities for 2019 to ensure Maine people can get affordable, high-quality reproductive health care in their communities.

    As we celebrate the upcoming 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, it is more important than ever to enact policies that protect safe, legal abortion. With Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, and the Trump-Pence administration continuing to attack access to care, states are a critical backstop to the further erosion of reproductive rights.

    And let’s be clear— when politicians and extreme groups attack health care, they disproportionately impact people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, and young people. With a new administration and supportive leaders in both the State House and the State Senate we will be working to ensure access to health care does not depend on who you are, where you live, or how much money you make.”

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