Police search for suspect who tried to kidnap child from Portland Hannaford

Portland Police are searching for the person who tried to kidnap a young child from the Back Cove Hannaford Friday afternoon. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) – Portland police are searching for the man they say tried to abduct a baby from a grocery store.

It happened at the Hannaford along the Back Cove.

Officials say the suspect took the child to the other side of the store, but never took the infant out of the building.

Portland police say Hannaford employees immediately locked the store down when the child was reported missing, and found the 2-month-old more than 20 aisles away from the father was.

Police say they're looking for a white man in his 30s wearing a yellow shirt and a white hat. The hat has an orange brim.

Investigators say just after 1 Friday afternoon, the baby's father was in the produce aisle and went to pick out an item, but when he turned back around he found the cart with his 2-month-old missing.

The store immediately went into a "Code Adam," or lockdown, and in about a minute the baby was found safe, still in the cart.

Police believe their suspect ran out when the store came out of lockdown and are still trying to figure out his intent.

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