Police search for 'armed and dangerous' suspects in Auburn robbery

Auburn Police provided this photo of a stolen SUV from a Park Avenue home after two men tied up the homeowner when she found the two men inside. (Auburn Police)

AUBURN (WGME) -- A manhunt is underway for two suspects in an armed robbery in Auburn.

Police say the suspects tied a woman up in her home and held her at gunpoint.

Police are searching for two white male suspects in a burglary on Park Aveune Thursday afternoon.

The victim was not hurt.

Police are now searching for her vehicle, a brown 2004 Ford Explorer with a Maine license plate of 4142ST.

Police also say that they are investigating a second burglary in the area.

Jamie Verril says she was the victim in that incident.

He says his roommate is missing jewelry, but strangely enough all that was taken from his floor was toilet paper.

Verril said once he realized what happened. He called where the first victim works to try and warn her about a break in.

He says it was too late.

"Apparently what happened was she was already at lunch. And I went up looking, and she was at the corner, end of her driveway hysterical, crying. So I just missed it. So apparently it was they stopped here first, then went there,” Verril said.

Police are not confirming that the incidents are connected.

Police also say the victim's Harley Davidson motorcycle was recently recovered in Poland.

They are still actively searching for the brown Ford Explorer.

The two suspects are considered armed and dangerous.

Contact Auburn Police with any information or call 911.

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