Police release video of suspect in Westbrook armed robbery

A video released Saturday afternoon shows the suspect in Friday night's Westbrook gas station robbery. (Westbrook Police)

WESTBROOK (WGME) -- A Friday night armed robbery of a gas station in Westbrook has police looking to see if the suspect from nine recent robberies in the area was involved.

Saturday afternoon, Westbrook Police released enhanced video from the robbery, including the suspect's voice, as the push to track this suspect down continues.

Before 8 p.m. Friday, police said a man entered the Gulf Mart on Route 302 in Westbrook, displayed a gun "in a threatening manner" and demanded money.

Westbrook police said the man left the station with an undisclosed amount of cash. A Portland Police K-9 tracked the suspect to a nearby street, but it is presumed the suspect left in a waiting car.

The man was dressed in dark clothing and his face was covered with a scarf.

A witness who works down the street told CBS 13 this was another armed robbery.

The witness who spoke to employees at the Gulf Station described the suspect as wearing a black sweatshirt, black sweatpants with grey pockets and had his face covered.

Because this robbery is similar to the recent rash of armed robberies stretching from Cumberland to Old Orchard Beach, Westbrook Police said investigators are trying to determine if it was the same suspect from the previous robberies.

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