Police believe three similar murders may be work of serial killer in Tampa

Chief Brian Dugan of the Tampa Police Department

TAMPA, FL (WGME) -- Police are investigating the shooting deaths of three people in the same neighborhood, and believe it could be the work of a serial killer.

On Thursday, police found the body of Anthony Naiboa after he was shot after taking the wrong bus home from work.

Naiboa was shot just about a hundred yards away from where Benjamin Mitchell was killed on October 9.

On October 13, Monica Hoffa's body was found in a vacant lot less than a mile away after being shot and killed two days earlier.

Police are urgently looking for the person seen on surveillance video.

“We have no leads, we have no motive. It’s clear to me they’re all linked,” stated Chief Brian Dugan of the Tampa Police Department.

Police are advising residents to go outside, enjoy the area, but not to do it alone. They say that for the moment, everyone is a possible suspect, or a possible victim.

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