Oxford County investigating Sheriff Wayne Gallant

Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant (WGME)

SOUTH PARIS (WGME) -- The Oxford County administrator confirms the county is in the middle of an investigation into Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant.

Gallant admitted to CBS 13 he sent a sexually explicit photo of himself, in his uniform, from his office.

Oxford County Administrator Scott Cole says the county launched the investigation into Sheriff Gallant in early November, but would not confirm what that investigation is about or what it stems from.

On Tuesday, when CBS 13 asked Gallant if he was aware of any investigation, Gallant said he was unaware of one.

CBS 13 asked Gallant who he sent the photo to and he said it was a woman but declined to identify her.

The Teamsters Union, who represents some Oxford County Sheriff’s employees, is alleging it was sent to a county employee.

CBS 13 asked Gallant if he had sent the photo to an employee and he said “no.”

County officials say they have no comment on the allegation.

Sheriff Gallant has stepped down as the president of the Maine Sheriff's Association. He's still the Oxford County sheriff.

Last week, Cole said county commissioners had no plans to file a complaint with the governor’s office.

On Sunday, he said they have no position on whether or not they'll file a complaint.

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