Opponents of rent control measure rally in Portland

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PORTLAND (WGME) -- Coming up on election day, Portland voters will decide an issue concerning rent control.

Those opposed to the measure rallied Thursday in Portland when the group Say No to Rent Control came together in Lincoln Park.

Question One asks Portlanders if they want to place limitations on terminating a tenancy and sets limits on rent increases.

The crowd at the rally included housing providers, contractors, realtors and low income developers.

"This referendum is not just about rent control,” said Brit Vitalius of Say No to Rent Control. “It rewrites eviction law and it completely changes the authority of the state and how it's administered."

"It’s going to create a shortage of housing,” said Jonathan Fitzsimmons, a Portland landlord. “It's going to hurt the people that it’s most designed to affect, help. So I think Fair Rent Portland, as Jonathan mentioned, has all the right intentions. But I think the policy they have drafted is extremely complicated and is going to in fact negatively impact the people it's designed to help."

We reached out today to Fair Rent Portland, the group in support of Question One, for their reaction, and we will have their statement tonight at 10.

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