Officials advise Mainers to order propane before more bitter cold temperatures arrive

Fuel Truck (WGME)

STATEWIDE (WGME) -- Temperatures won’t be getting any warmer entering February so heat will be a high priority.

That's why the Propane Gas Association if offering some advice to avoid some of this winter's concerns with heating fuel.

The demand for fuel was unusually high in January thanks to bitter cold temperatures. The Propane Gas Association says requests could be the same or even increase in February.

The association is urging propane customers to schedule orders in advance to reduce some of this month's unexpected concerns like lengthy wait times for deliveries.

During the recent deep freeze, fuel trucks were out in full force because of the high demand for heating fuel and that pushed deliveries behind.

Dead River Oil says they don't want people to become frantic. A majority of propane customers have automatic delivery, meaning they shouldn't have to check their gauge or call in for refueling.

"The message was directed at the other group of customers who call in for their deliveries and do their own scheduling. The message was intended that they should be keeping an eye on the gauges on their tanks, calling ahead and leaving a buffer in place so that they have a little extra time and it's not just last minute,” Casey Crampton, VP of operations for Dead River Oil, said.

The Propane Gas Association says the unexpected increase in demand that resulted from January’s historic cold temperatures highlights the benefits of being on automatic delivery with your propane supplier.

They say they expect a similar increase in demand as temperatures are forecasted to be colder than normal in February.

Propane companies are asking “will call” customers to check their supply now and schedule deliveries at least 10 days in advance.

The Propane Gas Association says all customers must ensure that a 10-foot-wide path is cleared from the road to their propane tanks and that all equipment vents are cleared. These steps are critical to ensure propane companies can make all of the deliveries necessary to keep customers’ tanks full.

If you cannot reach your supplier by phone, check their website or Facebook page to determine if there are other ways to contact them.

Oil companies don't want customers to be concerned on the amount of fuel. There is not a shortage of propane. They only want their customers to be ahead of the curve and request deliveries in advance.

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