NH woman takes the stand in animal cruelty case

Police say Christina Fay had more than 85 Great Danes in her mansion, living in filth. (WGME)

OSSIPEE, NH (WGME) -- A New Hampshire woman, accused of animal cruelty, took the stand in her own defense Tuesday.

Police say Christina Fay had more than 85 Great Danes in her mansion, living in filth.

For more than five hours, Christina Fay was questioned by her defense team. She laid out her love for animals, telling the court she would never deprive them of care, trying to refute all of the allegations against her.

Home video from Christina Fay was at the center of Tuesday's testimony, showing seemingly happy dogs and a somewhat clean house.

"Everyone got out, everyone got water, everyone got food. The floors wouldn’t be cleaned though till probably 3," Fay said.

Fay is accused of keeping her dogs in deplorable conditions.

Investigators saying floors and walls of her Wolfeboro mansion were covered in urine and feces, but Fay says that’s untrue.

"Dirt and mud on the door, that generally is about as bad as it would get,” Fay said. “It's not feces."

More than 85 Great Danes were seized from her home in June, accusers calling it a puppy mill, but Fay says she never profited off the dogs and treated them like family.

"It’s a very difficult term for me to think about,” Fay said. “How ironic for me of all people to be accused of being a puppy mill."

Fay says her neighbors and the town of Wolfeboro didn't work with her before seizing the animals.

"It feels like we've landed in a Stephen King novel town. We were so unwelcome," Fay said. "I would never have taken on these dogs nor the number of dogs if I didn't feel I could not give them 1,000 percent of what I think they deserved."

Since the dogs were seized, four have died in the custody of the Humane Society of the United States. Fay is expected to remain on the stand as court continues.

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