NH police warn drugs found in gummy bear packs

Barrington, NH Police said they found drugs being delivered in unopened packs of gummy bears this week. (Barrington Police Department)

BARRINGTON, NH (WGME) -- A not so special candy delivery is raising some concerns in one New Hampshire town. But police are urging the public not to be afraid - of buying gummy bears.

Police in Barrington, NH, a town not far from the Maine border, posted an incident on its Facebook page where drugs, in this case heroin, where found in pack of gummy bears on Thursday.

While it appeared the pack was unopened, police found a small area where it was resealed.

Police discovered a brown powder a field test indicated was heroin, and concerns were raised after posting the discovery on Facebook.

Initially, police warned the public what looks like a simple package can be much more. They are working with the US Postal Service to investigate and said the packs are not being delivered randomly in the community.

"In an effort to calm some fears we have been receiving in the comments, NO, the gummies did not come from the factory this way, we still want you to enjoy gummy bears because they are delicious!" Police posted on Facebook. "NO, these are not being mailed to random homes. Dealers don't tend to give their product away, they like the money. This is just an education piece that we believed should be shared with our community to help emphasize that drugs are not limited to the big cities, they are everywhere and dealers are becoming very smart when concealing them for sale to a user. Thanks to all that have posted with comments, we hope this better helps you understand our case."

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