NH man busted for prostitution at Maine Turnpike plaza

LuisCastro of Seabrook, NH was arrested Friday afternoon by state police after he went to a Maine Turnpike plaza expecting to meet a teenage girl for sex. (Cumberland County Jail)

CUMBERLAND (WGME) -- A New Hampshire man hoping to meet a woman for sex instead met with state police at a Maine Turnpike service plaza Friday and faces a prostitution charge.

Luis Casto, 30, of Seabrook, NH is a truck driver whom state police said stopped at the Cumberland plaza earlier in the week after a report of a man approaching a female worker at the plaza for sex.

Castro was arrested Friday afternoon after he returned to the plaza in his tractor trailer for what he thought was a prearranged meeting with a teenage girl.

Instead troopers were waiting for Castro, and he faces a patronizing prostitution with a minor. He was taken to the Cumberland County Jail.

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