Bison herd returned to its home in New Hampshire

    Photo Courtesy Jaimee Cathcart

    GILFORD, NH (WGME) -- A herd of bison is back where it belongs after getting loose in Gilford, New Hampshire.

    The animals were spotted running through front yards and blocking major roadways, prompting a massive police response.

    Nestled in the New Hampshire lakes region, picturesque Buldoc Farm has quite the history.

    Armand Buldoc says Tuesday was one for the books.

    Buldoc's 25 bison made a mad dash, breaking through a fence on the far side his 340-acre property.

    From there, they seemed to be everywhere, running through lawns and blocking traffic in three different towns.

    Gilford Police Chief Anthony Bean Burpee says it's a first for him too. The unusual call closed the Route 11 bypass and turned police officers into cowboys.

    Whether scared or stubborn, the bison just couldn't be corralled. It was only when everyone stopped trying, that the bison finally find their way back home

    Buldoc says he knows the ring leader, and while it's the first escape of its kind, it will surely be the last.

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