Nation says final farewell to George H.W. Bush


    COLLEGE STATION (WGME) – President George H.W. Bush is now laid to rest alongside his wife Barbara, and their daughter Robin at the Bush Presidential Library.

    Tens of thousands of people lined the railroad tracks for his journey to the library on the grounds of Texas AA&M.

    The day began with an emotional service eulogizing Bush in Houston.

    Bush's longtime friend, former Secretary of State James Baker, was moved to tears.

    In a private ceremony, Bush was buried alongside the former First Lady and their daughter, Robin, who died as a young child from leukemia.

    Members of the military lined the route, as the train carrying the casket sat in an open car for thousands to see.

    It was a journey that started 70 miles south.

    The Bush family watched on as 41 was brought aboard his funeral train with full honors.

    His flag-draped casket put on display for his final ride.

    People lined highways, getting as close to the tracks as they could to pay respects.

    "It was very moving,” Navy Veteran TJ Robie said. “Gave me an opportunity to render a final salute to the President, then seeing the family that was there and then waving to the crowd, showing how much they appreciated everybody and the outpouring was also really good.”

    While Thursday night's burial service was private, on Saturday President Bush's Library and grounds will reopen to the public allowing them to mourn but also celebrate his life.

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