Money-saving method taking off in Maine

It can be tough to put cash away, but one method is really taking off. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) – It can be tough to put cash away, but one method is really taking off.

As the "Young and Free Maine" spokester through Maine's credit unions, Jake Holmes is always looking for new ways to save. Right now he's trying "The 52-Week Money Challenge."

"Essentially what happens is there's 52 weeks in a year, Week 1 you put $1 into a savings account, Week 2 you put $2 into that savings account, Week 3 you put $3 into that savings account and so on and so on until the 52nd week where you put $52 away," Holmes said.

At this rate, by the end of one year, you'll have saved up $1,378. Holmes says this gradual method can be easier for people to stick to than others.

"$1,300 sounds super daunting, it sounds incredibly impossible, and I just think the slower you start, you don't get burnt out, you don't get overwhelmed," Holmes said.

Holmes suggests challenging friends and family for more motivation.

“Gamification is huge in sticking to your goals, so if you kind of all make a challenge together, ‘I’m going to save more than you,’ it's like a friendly competition," Holmes said.

You can even tweak it to meet your own needs, by saving more per week, or saving longer than 52 weeks.

"You can go even higher if you can, so it's a great challenge and I’m looking forward to doing it myself," Holmes said.

And while a lot of people started January 1, Holmes says you really can begin anytime.

"I think it's starting to gain even more popularity now that people see how well it works,” Holmes said.

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