Mold found at Longfellow Elementary School


PORTLAND (WGME) -- Officials at Longfellow Elementary School in Portland confirmed they have found mold in the building.

Portland Schools Superintendent Xavier Botana said members of the Protect Our Neighborhood Schools campaign first noticed it. The group is pushing for voters to approve repairs on four Portland elementary schools.

Superintendent Botana said he found out about it from a picture posted on the campaign’s Facebook page, prompting school officials to take action immediately. "Up until the picture was on Facebook we didn't even know about it which suggests it's recent," Superintendent Botana said. "It's in a section of the building that doesn't have asbestos, so the mediation if it turns out to be mold will be relatively simple to do with out huge disruption to the school."

They don't believe the mold is hazardous to students or staff. An air quality test was performed this weekend, and those results will be in by the end of the week.

"We also had a roofing contractor come out and plug some holes in the area of the roof above that so there could've been water that was seeping in and so that's been repaired," said Superintendent Botana.

On Friday, the school department sent out an email alerting parents of the issue.

"I was not all that surprised given the conditions of the school but saddened and worried for my son's health," said mother Lori Blake of Portland.

Superintendent Botana said that there have been no other reports of mold in any other schools.

The group Protect Our Our Neighborhood Schools plans to hold a press conference Tuesday morning outside of Longfellow Elementary to address the issue and to push for support of a ballot question in the city which would pay for renovations at Longfellow and three other elementary schools.

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