Medical cannabis supporters call for proper labeling and testing

FALMOUTH (WGME) -- Maine's medical marijuana patients and providers are looking to change some rules regarding the labeling and testing of cannabis.

Right now, the state's medical marijuana growers and dispensaries are prohibited from testing and labelling the cannabis they sell.

Four-year-old Kaylee takes drops of THC, the active ingredient found in marijuana, to control her seizures.

Her mother, Samantha Brown, says it's working.

But she says the only way to know the THC is safe is to test and label the cannabis like any other prescription drug.

"It should be an option for patients and caregivers," Brown said. "It's something that we absolutely need, but should it be mandatory? No."

Dr. Dustin Sulak says he also believes medical marijuana can be used to successfully treat opiate addiction, although the research is still limited on that issue.

"It's actually prohibited right now in the state by the Department of Health and Human Services," Dr. Sulak said. "Because this one herb makes so many different varieties and different medicines, we really need to know what's in each one."
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