'I was going to die:' Man who was accidentally dumped into trash truck shares story

    A man, who was sleepingin a dumpster, was accidentally picked up by a garbagetruck and dumped inside. (BangorFire Department)

    BANGOR (WGME) -- A homeless man, who wound up getting crushed and compacted inside a garbage truck, is sharing his story.

    Jamie Bryant says he went to sleep inside a dumpster in Bangor last week during the bitter cold so he could stay warm.

    He says he left the door open and his backpack outside so people would know he was inside, but that didn't work.

    “I woke up to the hydraulic sound of a piston and a big blade coming at me, pushing towards the back of a Casella Waste trash truck. I started to fight for my life. I thought for sure that I was going to die. That's when I felt my foot get crushed and it compacted again and that's when I felt the compacting of my ribs.

    I just started screaming, 'Somebody help me. somebody help, help, help.' I kept screaming and pounding and pounding on the side of that truck,” Bryant said.

    He says the truck made three stops before two people heard his cries for help and told the driver, who stopped and found Bryant inside injured.

    Bryant also says he suffered a broken femur.

    He says he chose to speak out about his experience to bring awareness about the problem of homelessness.

    Information for this story was provided by CBS 13's media partners WVII.

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