Making a Difference: 'Something Between'


    PORTLAND (WGME) - A dream is coming true for a Maine musician who hopes his story can inspire acceptance and tolerance.

    He is also hoping his new one-person show entertains, as he has quite a story to tell, and a lot of music to share.

    Like many musicians, Cidny Bullens shares personal stories through his music.

    A musician for forty years, there are a lot of stories to tell.

    We last spoke with Cid in February of last year, when he was preparing his one act show.

    At that time, the working title was "A One Wo-Man" show.

    Part of Bullens' story includes his transition from female to male.

    "And when I do tell my story to the people who see it, I think they have a greater understanding of what it is being transgender," Bullens said.

    But that's just a third of the show.

    Bullens also has quite a history in the music business, as "Cindy Bullens."

    It's a journey that has taken him from backup singer with Elton John to American Bandstand with Dick Clark.

    And then, after losing an 11-year-old daughter to cancer, Bullens wrote a bestselling album that seemed to soothe bereaved parents all over the world.

    Now, there is his transition from female to male, which started several years ago.

    Plenty of material for a one person show, that Bullens hopes speaks to everyone.

    "I think within the experiences that I've experienced are these universal experiences, Bullens said. "These universal experiences that people have about love, about loss, about life."

    Bullens has now performed the show in Santa Fe and Nashville, and is ready to bring it home to Maine.

    "I'm bringing it back to Maine now; I didn't want to open it in Maine, because it is my hometown," Bullens said. "I wanted to see what I had. I wanted it to be a little more internalized before I brought it home."

    And he hopes his Maine family will react like the audiences in other states.

    "I think what has surprised me, is how deeply people have been moved," Bullens said. "My story is not a transgender story; it's my life, although I happen to be a transgender person. "

    "Somewhere Between - Not an Ordinary Life" takes place this weekend at the St. Lawrence Arts Center in Portland.

    There are shows this Friday and Saturday, with a just-added matinee performance on Sunday.

    For more information, CLICK HERE.

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