Mainers urged to take precautions against dangerously cold temperatures

    FILE - Arctic sea smoke rises from Garrison Cove on Bailey Island. (Courtesy: Steve Yenco?)

    STATEWIDE (WGME) -- The dangerously cold temperatures are going to stick around.

    Hospitals, fire departments, and more are urging Mainers to take precautions.

    It is extremely cold Thursday morning.

    Temperatures are in the negatives in Auburn and that can mean danger when going outside.

    Central Maine Healthcare providers want to remind Mainers that frostbite can occur within 10-15 minutes of skin being exposed to the cold, and increased winds reduce that time.

    They also recommend wearing multiple layers of clothing, and making sure to cover fingers, toes, and ears.

    Anyone concerned about frostbite should immediately get out of the cold, and replace any wet clothing.

    If you are trying to get warm again in the shower or sink, don't use hot water, use warm water and work your way back to hot water.

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